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27/02/2012 02:56:52
A face off between long-time rivals Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos is expected now that the Star Cinema announced it will field a Vilma starrer in the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival against Nora’s Hototay, the Nora Aunor franchise for Regal Films, and the Emilio Aguinaldo lifebio by ER Ejercito
Who is/are the jinx/jinxes among Gretchen Barretto, KC Concepcion, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Manzano, and Diether Ocampo that the drama series Alta did not push through?
Lorin and Venice Bektas got more attention than Iza Calzardo when they appeared in a production number in yesterday’s ASAP 2012!
Her maternal concern & motherly love for daughter Cristalle Henares and son Quark Henares caused Dr. Vicki Belo to give it 40% -- the biggest chunk -- among the reasons she shortlisted as among the reasons she broke up with Hayden Kho, Jr. Others were infidelity at 30%, lack of intellectual compatibility at 10%, no good future together at 10%, 5% to chance Hayden to build his own family at 5%, and diminishing physical attraction at 5%!
Elizabeth Oropesa was originally casted in the role of Gigi Duenas in Marlon Brando’s Oscar winner, Apocalypse Now, which was narrowcasted by Kix (Skycable 63 as Apocalypse Now Redux) this morning!
Now that it’s out of the bag that Martin Nievra’s Martin After Dark will be back on ABS-CBN, TV5 must do something to improve the haphazard production values of Jojo Alejar’s Jojo Al The Way if it wants not to suffer in comparison!
Mother Lily Monteverde gambled by signing up Jennylyn Mercado to an 18-month film contract when her contract with Viva Films expired without doing a movie project!
At 42% and 39% respectively, TODO! ENTERTAIHNMENT (FOLLOW THAT SUPERSTAR!) are almost equal in voting NO and DON’T CARE in the IS IT FINALLY OVER FOR DR. VICKI BELO AND HAYDEN KHO, JR.? POLL. 21% voted YES.

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By EDGAR O. CRUZ, Executive Editor


TODO! ENTERTAINMENT’s new tagline for 2012, FOLLOW THAT SUPERSTAR!, sets up the website’s difference over the other sources of entertainment buzzes.

TODO! ENTERTAINMENT is a brief of real and important daily and up-to-the minutes entertainment buzzes.

Besides being both about a source of national, regional, and international entertainment buzzes, it also expands the meaning of entertainment in its general sense to include food, travel, fashion, art, and culture.

TODO! ENTERTAINMENT’S other main difference is that it mainly follows only the big stars, what we term as superstars. Newbie and has-been actors and people involved in production are not our concern.

This is necessarily a redefinition of the term “superstar” to mean currently big and in-demand entertainers. “Star” turns a generic term for entertainers.

This is in connection with our ideal that entertainment buzzes are not as important as global, national and local news that we are not aiming to report it every details.

TODO! ENTERTAINMENT does not participate in publicity gimmicks and dime-a-dozen entertainment awards which are given out primarily for public relations purposes by not reporting them.

We don’t have any intention to repeat, at least in most many cases, what are widely available from other sources.

There will be exceptions,for sure, those that we consider true, worthy, and beautiful.

We believe that the Filipino’s preoccupation with rumors is damaging to national development and this website will not be a part.

TODO! ENTERTAINMENT is showbiz updated!

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